Bling Platinum Pink Lemonade Disposables Review

A calming, youthful drink that’s as refreshing as it is colorful, pink lemonade has become a go-to favorite on hot summer days. Its pastel color is a subtle touch that adds a touch of magic to every sip.

While pink lemonade is rooted in a long history, it wasn’t always the brightly hued beverage we know and love today. According to Josh Chetwynd, author of How the Hot Dog Got its Bun: Accidental Discoveries And Unexpected Inspirations That Shape What We Eat And Drink, it may have started with a traveling circus.

Product Description

Bling Platinum Pink Lemonade is a great choice for anyone looking for a fun and fruity vape. It features 18 authentic and true-to-taste e-liquid flavors and an impressive battery (500 mAh) that will deliver up to 600 puffs of high quality vapour. The device is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around on the go. The product also has a perfect coil and airflow that will help produce thicker e-liquid flavors and more epic clouds. This is one e-liquid you’ll want to try at least once. It’s a great alternative to smoking tobacco, and will give you the same calming and refreshing sensation that you’ll find with a glass of ice cold lemonade!


Bling Platinum Pink Lemonade is a sweet and zesty e-liquid that features a delicious and refreshing flavour of lemonade, complemented with a hint of strawberry. It is crafted with high quality food-grade ingredients to create an excellent vaping experience for all.


Bling Platinum Pink Lemonade is a fun and fruity e-liquid that is sure to delight your taste buds. It is made with high quality food-grade ingredients to ensure that you enjoy a light and satisfying vapor experience. This disposable e-liquid is perfect for anyone who enjoys a refreshing and sweet vape.


Bling Platinum Pink Lemonade is a delicious and refreshingly sweet e-liquid that will satisfy your taste buds with every hit.